Osaka Gas studies methanation in Singapore; H2I to raise capital

Osaka Gas study will conduct modelling and economic evaluation over six months.

Osaka Gas Singapore Pte. Ltd. (OGS) has agreed with energy-related companies in Singapore to conduct a feasibility study on a methanation project in Singapore.

The partners in the agreement included City Energy Pte. Ltd. and City-OG Gas Energy Services Pte. Ltd.

Methanation is a chemical reaction that converts CO2 and hydrogen to methane (synthetic methane), which is carbon neutral when converted from CO2 and green hydrogen that is produced from electrolysis powered by renewable electricity.

The joint study will explore business models and conduct economic evaluation over six months to produce synthetic methane from low carbon-hydrogen and CO2 sourced overseas or in Singapore.

This study aligns with the Daigas Group Carbon Neutral Vision (CNV) announced in January 2021. Osaka Gas develops other methanation projects such as the methanation technical development with INPEX in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture, innovative methanation (SOEC methanation) basic research, and joint research study with ATCO Australia Pty Ltd on methanation project in Australia.

H2I to raise capital to accelerate hydrogen engine enhancement kits

H2I Technology is now opened to investors through the online trading platform VCEX. It seeks to raise initial capital of $400,000 to accelerate the commercialisation of its hydrogen injection technology, aimed to be ready in Q4.

The company says the hydrogen enhancement kits reduce emissions by 30% and improve fuel consumption by 20% while potentially extending the life of existing internal combustion engines.

David Vinson, MD of H2I Technology, said, “Once commercialised, H2I’s hydrogen enhancement kits will see quick industry uptake as they create a carbon-reduction solution that cuts user costs and leverages legacy assets.”

Ethan Mandel

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