Net Zero Technology Centre awards £8 million clean energy projects

The winners fall into seven focus areas to accelerate clean energy production and close the gap in net zero technologies.

Net Zero Technology Centre has awarded £8 million to 20 game-changing net-zero technologies as part of its 2022 open innovation programme.

This year’s funding competition focused on developing and deploying technologies that will reduce offshore emissions, accelerate clean energy production, and enable the delivery of the UK’s net zero ambitions.

A total of 154 businesses from across the globe applied for a share of £8 million available, with the potential of a maximum of £1 million awarded to each successful project. The game-changing technologies were put through a rigorous selection process, ensuring each supports the transition towards net zero, with an obligation of trialling and deploying technology within the UK continental shelf. The 20 successful technology projects will deliver £7.8bn GVA along with an impact of 3.1Mt CO2e annually.

The winning technologies fall into seven focus areas:

  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)
  • Hydrogen and clean fuels
  • Renewables and energy storage
  • Zero emissions power
  • Venting and flaring
  • Integrity management
  • Late life and decommissioning

The winning ideas are set to help meet the goals of the report and develop high-value, high-impact opportunities for Scotland and the UK. Emerging electrolyser technologies and materials will advance, reducing the cost of green hydrogen by 60%, whilst novel optical sensors to prevent corrosion in carbon capture and storage operations will support the UK in expanding the CCS market. One of the successful projects will trial geothermal techniques in the field, and another will use liquid air battery innovations to accelerate an integrated energy system.

NZTC’s next funding competition, due to open in January 2023, will focus on digital and data architecture, smart assets and field automation.

Myrtle Dawes, Director at Net Zero Technology Centre, said, “We’re at a pivotal point in the energy transition, with political and social pressures weighing as heavy as environmental demands.

Zohaib Ali

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