Metacon and Regional Directorate of State Forests in Poland to develop hydrogen project

Metacon AB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Katowice (RDSF), Poland.

The MoU relates to preparations prior to an expected order and supply of a turnkey electrolyser system with up to 5 MW of total capacity. The total value of the expected order is approximately 5.8 MUSD if fully utilised within the MoU.

The MoU is part of RDSF’s development project “Forest of Energy”, which aims at investments in fossil-free energy and hydrogen and to begin the construction of several facilities for green hydrogen production which will be used to power emission-free public transport. Project start is planned for 2023, with hydrogen production started in early 2024

The pilot project within the framework of the MoU will be an electrolyser with a capacity of up to 5 MW linked to a planned RDSF solar PV installation in the Katowice area. Detailed design and dimensioning will be done jointly in the next phase of the preparations. The PV system is to be owned and operated by RDSF, and Metacon is to supply electrolyser equipment and turnkey infrastructure.

Christer Wikner, President and CEO of Metacon commented: “We are extremely happy to contribute to the green transition in Poland together with RDSF. The opportunity to use hydrogen to both store locally produced fossil-free energy and to use it to power emission-free transports summarizes the core of our vision of contributing to self-sufficient and sustainable societies,”.

Damian Sieber, Director at RDSF commented: “The project for the production and storage of green hydrogen is extremely valuable, as it can be used as fuel for zero-emission vehicles or can be converted into heat or electricity. Despite the ability to obtain hydrogen, which we as humans have had since 1900, thanks to innovative solutions, we can produce it with respect for the natural environment, which is extremely important to us as naturalists”.

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