McPhy electrolyzer Gigafactory project

McPhy's Gigafactory project aims to develop new generation electrolyzers.

McPhy, specialized in zero-carbon hydrogen production and distribution equipment (electrolyzers and refuelling stations), announces that its electrolyzer Gigafactory project has been approved by the European Commission as one of the projects submitted by France under the Hydrogen IPCEI.

McPhy’s Gigafactory project aims to develop new generation electrolyzers and deploy their industrial production in series.

The Belfort site has been pre-selected by McPhy to implement this Gigafactory.

With this project, McPhy is targeting three objectives:

  • Innovation, through the development of new generation alkaline electrolyzers, in terms of size, components and integration within platforms;
  • Industrialization of large-scale production to meet the needs of the European market, in particular, to contribute to the decarbonization of industry, mobility and energy;
  • Collaboration with numerous partners of the Hydrogen ecosystem in Europe and dissemination of knowledge with academic, industrial and research stakeholders.

The final investment decision will be taken by McPhy shortly after final confirmation by the French authorities of the amount of public aid and the contractualisation of the terms of the provision of this aid with Bpifrance.

Zohaib Ali

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