Mazda becomes the first automaker to join the eFuel Alliance

Mazda Motor Corporation, a Japanese multinational automaker has announced to join the eFuel Alliance. The alliance is committed to the expansion and promotion of the global production of CO2-neutral e-fuels and hydrogen.

Mazda aims to have all its vehicles electrified by 2030, though many of its vehicles will continue to have an internal combustion engine, implying requires liquid fuel.

The aim of joining the alliance is to contribute to the renewable and low-carbon fuels and involve in the decision-making process of EU climate legislation.

Wojciech Halarewicz, Vice President Communications & Public Affairs at Mazda Motor Europe GmbH said: “As the EU will review its regulation on CO2 standards for cars and vans later this year, this is the chance to make sure the new legislation enables both electric vehicles and vehicles running on CO2-neutral fuels to contribute to car manufacturers’ emissions reduction efforts.”

Ole von Beust, managing director of the eFuel Alliance added: “The next two years will be decisive as the European Commission will revise the main climate policy regulations. These should include a mechanism in the car legislation that recognises the contribution low-carbon fuels can make to achieving the emission reduction targets.”

eFuel is produced with the help of electricity from renewable energy sources, water and CO2 from the air. In the first step, hydrogen is extracted through an electrolysis process that decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen. To run the production process environmentally friendly, electricity must be sourced from renewable sources. In the second step, with Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, the hydrogen is combined with CO2 extracted from the air and converted into a liquid energy carrier. eFuels is considered to resolve the problems of storing and transporting renewable energies.

Shabelah Kahn

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