MadoquaPower2X project awards Pre-FEED contract to Nextchem

The project will produce renewable hydrogen and green ammonia, which can serve both the internal and export markets.

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. announced that its subsidiary NextChem has been awarded a Pre-FEED engineering services contract by MadoquaPower2X.

MadoquaPower2X  is the Portuguese/Dutch/Danish consortium led by Madoqua Renewables along with CIP’s Energy Transition Fund and Power2X to develop and operate integrated renewable hydrogen and green ammonia plant located in Sines, Portugal.

The purpose of the Pre-FEED engineering services includes early studies, technology and process review, modularity and logistics analysis, and front-end loading of engineering required to undertake the permitting and licensing for the project.

MadoquaPower2X will use renewable energy and 500 MW of electrolysis capacity to produce annually 50,000 tons of green hydrogen along with green ammonia plant capacity of up to 500,000 kt/y with up to 600,000 t/y CO2 emissions avoided in this initial phase.

It is the first project installed at the future energy and technological hub of Sines on an industrial scale. The consortium is committed to developing, installing and operating the project to the highest environmental and safety standards. It will be located in Portugal, in the Sines industrial zone – ZILS – and will generate economic growth with an activity classified as sustainable according to the latest EU Taxonomy. The project aims to establish an export energy carrier value chain between the Port of Sines (Portugal) and Northwest European destinations.

João Galamba, Secretary of State for Environment and Energy – Government of Portugal, said, “We are pleased to witness this important milestone for MadoquaPower2X and Maire Tecnimont, confirming the right path to meet the goals we have set for energy transition.”

Alessandro Bernini, CEO of Maire Tecnimont Group and NextChem, said, “We are proud of this agreement with MadoquaPower2X and CIP as it targets a project with a significant impact on the renewable hydrogen-based economy in Europe.”

Rogaciano Rebelo, CEO of Madoqua Renewables, said, “We are excited to bring Maire Tecnimont and NextChem on board to accelerate the licensing and engineering phases of our project.”

Zohaib Ali

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