Loop Energy unveils new fuel cell system

It will deliver up to 60% of net system efficiency in cruise mode.

Loop Energy unveiled its landmark 120 kW fuel cell system at IAA Transportation 2022 in Hannover, Germany.

The 120 kW fuel cell system, the S1200, builds on Loop Energy’s existing technology to provide an additional efficiency gain of 20% when it generates electricity.

The S1200 is designed to deliver up to 60% in net system efficiency (1), this efficiency enables an electric vehicle powered by a Loop Energy fuel cell to deliver up to 54% (2) fuel to wheel efficiency compared to the typical fuel to wheel efficiency delivered by a diesel engine powered vehicle of 20% to 25%(3).

Loop Energy believes the S1200 and its next-generation technology will significantly benefit commercial vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators and associated industries, and the global clean energy transition as governments seek to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

For fleet managers, operators of commercial vehicles and the wider hydrogen infrastructure market, that means less hydrogen fuel used per kilometre, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles.

Fuel costs make up roughly half the total ownership cost for heavy-duty hydrogen vehicles, making advancement in fuel efficiency a significant factor in creating a tipping point for the commercial transition from diesel to clean fuels.

The S1200 opens up a new market for Loop Energy as the product is specifically designed for medium- to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, which is a step up in power range and scope compared to its other fuel cell products.

The S1200 is delivered as a complete fuel cell system which simplifies and quickens integration for vehicle OEMs, and makes it a ready-to-adopt solution for heavy-duty transportation and power system applications.

Ben Nyland Loop Energy President & CEO, said, “The S1200 brings world-leading fuel efficiency levels for medium to heavy-duty vehicles, crucially making the total cost of ownership lower and bringing fuel cost parity forward by four-to-eight years.”

Steven Guilbeault, the Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change said, “Very happy to see Canadian companies such as Loop Energy leading in the global clean energy sector. They are creating sustainable jobs for workers while contributing to our global climate objectives and a better future for everyone.”

Zohaib Ali

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