LOI with TÜV SÜD on Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia Certification

Oracle Power PLC, the international natural resources project developer, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Oracle Energy, has signed a letter of Intent (“LOI”) with TÜV SÜD to explore green hydrogen and green ammonia certification relating to the green hydrogen project in development in Pakistan.

TÜV SÜD is a renowned, independent third-party partner with long-standing expertise in certification of hydrogen from renewable sources which covers the entire hydrogen value chain.  Oracle Energy and TÜV SÜD (together the “Parties”) have agreed that TÜV SÜD will review the project design of Oracle Energy’s proposed 400MW capacity green hydrogen plant with annual production capacity of 55,000 tonnes with a view to certifying the green credentials of the proposed production of green hydrogen and ammonia.  It is anticipated that this will include all value chain processes including compression, storage, conversion, transport to end customer.

Environmental certification is a key component of green hydrogen development.  The European Union’s renewable energy directive 2 (RED II) outlines several legal requirements for renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBOs) such as green hydrogen and green ammonia to be produced by green electricity and must obtain necessary “Guarantees of Origin” or “Green Certification” before it is exported to Europe. Certified green hydrogen can be traced back to clearly identifiable and quantifiable sources and is the only hydrogen that is substantially sustainable, with low to no carbon dioxide emissions throughout the production process. TÜV SÜD offers its own CMS 70 Green Hydrogen certification alongside external standard certifications such as ISCC Plus and CertifHy, where necessary.

Under the terms of the LOI, the two Parties will have the following tasks:

  1. a) Oracle Energy shall take a lead in developing user relationships and customers in Pakistan;
  2. b) TÜV SÜD will conduct document validation and necessary site audits as and when required for the purpose of issuing green hydrogen and green ammonia certification;
  3. c) Oracle Energy shall facilitate TÜV SÜD in providing all necessary documentation, site-visits to ensure the certification process is arranged as smooth as possible; and
  4. d) Oracle Energy shall pursue the necessary documentation for certification with the selected feasibility study partner and feedback accordingly

Oracle Energy’s LOI with TÜV SÜD builds on its recent technical and commercial feasibility study contract with thyssenkrupp Uhde (announced 19 October 2022) which will provide necessary documentation for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission calculations of the green hydrogen value chain processes. The necessary paperwork will be exchanged with TÜV SÜD to perform a critical review and feedback on the certification process.

Naheed Memon, CEO, Oracle Power commented: “Certification to demonstrate that our hydrogen project is indeed ‘green’ is a critical aspect of our development process and is a prerequisite of international export and also for investment by sustainable and ESG-focussed investors. We are assembling a team of experts of the highest calibre to support the rapid development of our green hydrogen project and launch this new global fuel source on the international stage.  I look forward to working with the TÜV SÜD team as we look to certify our transformational green hydrogen ambitions in Pakistan and establish the first facility of its kind in this country.”

Dr Naveed Akhtar, CTO, Oracle Energy commented: “We are pleased to get a competent review from TÜV SÜD early in the process of our green hydrogen project development. We understand that in order to prepare for green hydrogen and green ammonia international export, the certification of green molecules is essential and this LOI is the first step in this direction.”

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