Klean Industries partners with H2Core Systems for the rollout of containerized hydrogen production facilities

Klean Industries Inc (“Klean”), a leading equipment manufacturer that owns a commercialized portfolio of intellectual properties and know-how focusing on the recovery of clean energy and resources from waste, is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with H2 Core Systems (“H2 Core”) to distribute and build green hydrogen projects around the globe.

H2 Core Systems (“H2 Core“) is a leader in integrated design and engineering for modular and containerized green hydrogen production plants. H2 Core Systems develops, manufactures, and maintains modular and configurable electrolysis systems that are expandable and scalable at any time. H2 Core offers the perfect solutions in combination with photovoltaic (solar) or wind power systems for a decentralized, self-sufficient, integrated system that enables the creation of a green energy supply chain that can be used worldwide. Hydrogen plays a crucial role in providing a solution for the global path to a zero-emission future in transportation, industry, homes, and workplaces. H2 Core Systems understands the clean hydrogen value chains, technology integration, systems, people, and partnerships needed to ensure hydrogen’s role in the clean energy economy.

The combination of this partnership in deploying hydrogen at scale is being built on the foundation of Enapter AG’s (“Enapter”) Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) Electrolysers. Enapter provides this partnership with modular electrolyzers which can be deployed individually or at scale for any amount of on-site hydrogen and for any application. Inspired by the mind-blowing cost reduction of solar panels and microchips through standardization and mass production, Enapter has developed plug-and-play electrolyzers that can be manufactured at scale.

“Klean, H2 Core, and Enapter share synergistic values and the understanding of what the world needs to achieve Net Zero, in a Circular Economy that supports the development of a sustainable society. The KleanTeam has conducted extensive due diligence on the hydrogen production marketplace, and we believe that H2 Core’s technology applications combined with Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers’ and energy management system (“EMS”) offer the perfect design for both Klean’s internal projects and our customers’ projects. The uniqueness of these designs also compliments the integration of our KleanLoop™ technology, which together represent a game changer for combined applications of alternative energy production,” said Marc Schwarzlose, Director of Project Development for Klean Industries Inc.

Over the course of the next few months, Klean is planning the development of a modular and scalable 40′ containerized pilot project with the integration of an AEM MultiCore 1.0 megawatt (MW) electrolytic production unit designed by H2 Core for Klean’s flagship facility in Boardman, Oregon. This site is the perfect location for creating green hydrogen onsite from cost-effective, clean, reliable, and environmentally friendly hydroelectric power as Boardman has one of the lowest costs for electricity in North America.

The hydrogen produced at the Boardman facility is being engineered for its potential application and use in Klean’s modular oil upgrading units. The carbon emissions-free hydrogen produced can be utilized to upgrade recovered fuel oil (“rFO”) and pyrolysis oil into highly valuable, drop-in replacement fuel known as e-fuels to produce significantly lower CO2 gasoline and diesel to meet the needs of California’s Low Carbon Fuels Standards (“LCFS”).

Additionally, Klean and H2 Core see an opportunity for a number of Klean’s projects to have their own hydrogen-generating plants for producing 100% renewable green hydrogen, which could be used in Klean’s fleet vehicles for the collection and transportation of feedstock and output products. This alone offers a significant environmental advantage to our projects and the communities in which Klean operates. This concept is further reinforced by the ability to also integrate fuel cells, engines, and boilers that are powered by green hydrogen to offset energy costs in terms of electrical demand, with the added benefit of also providing both heating and cooling applications in various projects.

Beyond Klean’s internal applications, H2 Core and Klean see increasing market demand for green hydrogen produced by electrolysis. Together through this partnership, Klean plans to work with its project partners in Canada, the United States, and Australia to deploy H2 Core’s fully integrated containerized solutions. By doing so, they aim to unlock hydrogen’s true potential in reducing pollution and climate change by building hydrogen supply solutions and station networks to support the rollout of fuel-cell electric vehicles and decentralized renewable energy plants.

“Partnerships make what we do at H2 Core Systems possible. Enapter, H2 Core Systems, and Klean Industries are aligned in our commitment to both deploying and developing a renewable hydrogen value chain. We believe this partnership is a great first step in what we hope will become a long and successful relationship,” said Ulf Joergensen, CEO H2 Core Systems.

“We believe Enapter’s mass-produced AEM Electrolysers will enable low-cost green hydrogen to be deployed at a massive scale in the shortest amount of time. It is partnerships like this that illustrate the demand and opportunity throughout various industries for green hydrogen worldwide. By combining technologies and applications, this partnership offers integrated solutions that address both climate protection and decentralized energy generation. To make all of this happen, we must act with urgency, opt for simplicity, and insist on transparency and global partnerships,” said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO Enapter GmbH.

“Developing clean energy projects in partnership with leading technology providers such as Enapter and H2Core Systems supports Klean’s strategic focus and enables our companies to create a symbiosis between waste, resources, and energy, while simultaneously creating a circular low carbon economy,” said Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries Inc.

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