Karsan launhes hydrogen-fueled e-ATA HYDROGEN

e-ATA HYDROGEN uses a state-of-the-art 70 kW fuel cell.

Karsan has added the hydrogen-fueled e-ATA HYDROGEN to its electric and autonomous products range.

The low-floor 12-meter e-ATA HYDROGEN can meet the needs of operators in many areas, from high range to high passenger carrying capacity. Equipped with an overhead 1560-liter lightweight composite hydrogen tank, the e-ATA HYDROGEN easily covers over 500 km of range under real conditions of use, that is, when the vehicle is full of passengers and travels on stop-and-go line routes.

With a range of over 500 km in hydrogen buses, e-ATA HYDROGEN provides the best range in its class.  e-ATA HYDROGEN, which can readily carry over 95 passengers depending on the maximum permissible loaded weight and preferred optional features, also offers the best passenger capacity in its class.

In addition, the 30 kWh capacity LTO battery with a long service life, which is positioned as an auxiliary power source in the vehicle, feeds more power to the electric motor in difficult road conditions and offers additional range for emergencies. e-ATA HYDROGEN can easily generate 250 kW of power and 22,000 Nm of torque with the high-performance ZF electric portal axle, which is also used in the latest members of the electric product range, e-ATA 10-12-18. The 12-meter e-ATA HYDROGEN, which can be fueled up with hydrogen in less than 7 minutes, can serve all day without any refills.

The 12-meter e-ATA HYDROGEN has a 100% zero-emission air conditioning system with its environmentally friendly carbon dioxide AC. In addition, advanced driver assistance systems such as mirror camera technology, front collision warning, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, speed limit indicator detection and other technological features can be included as options in e-ATA HYDROGEN.

e-ATA HYDROGEN offers drivers and passengers a safe travel experience thanks to its high-pressure resistant tanks, emergency gas release valves and high-sensitivity sensors which automatically shut down the system.

Okan Baş, CEO of Karsan, said, ” Stepping into hydrogen fuel technology, we are ushering in a new era in public transportation. In the last 5 years, following the 6-meter e-JEST, 8-meter electric and Autonomous e-ATAK and 10-12-18 meter e-ATA, we have now launched our hydrogen-powered 12-meter e-ATA vehicle.”

Zohaib Ali

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