Joint exploration agreement for hydrogen production using waste plastic gasification facilities in Aichi Prefecture

Three companies–Iwatani Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and JGC Holdings Corporation have signed a basic agreement to explore a joint business in the Nagoya Port area, Aichi Prefecture, concerning low carbon hydrogen production using waste plastic gasification facilities.

Studies for this business have already begun, following selection in December 2021 as a commissioned project of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO): Technology Development Project for Building a Hydrogen-based Society/Technology Development for Hydrogen Utilization in the Community/Study of Potential for Hydrogen Production and Utilization.

Study results showed the Chubu Region has high potential with respect to waste plastic collection and hydrogen production and utilization; thus, the three companies have agreed to explore the joint undertaking of a low carbon hydrogen production business. With the conclusion of this basic agreement, the three companies will soon begin basic design work, with the goal of launching hydrogen production by the mid-2020s.

Utilization of waste plastics will enable stable and inexpensive supply of hydrogen to move us closer to a carbon-neutral society; promote hydrogen use in areas such as power plants, which face a pressing need to reduce CO2 emissions, various mobility services, and port facilities; and contribute to factory decarbonization.

Through this joint business, the three companies will promote the utilization of hydrogen in various fields to move closer to a hydrogen energy-based society while contributing to a carbon-neutral society and promoting resource recycling.

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