JEV to create HALO Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub across Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce that it is a participant in the HALO Hydrogen Hub, the mandate of which is to develop a Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The HALO Hub is a three-state public-private partnership across Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The DOE’s Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program-or H2Hubs-includes up to US$7 billion in funding to assist with the establishment of six to 10 regional clean hydrogen hubs across America. As part of a larger $8 billion hydrogen hub program funded through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Jericho expects the H2Hubs to be a central driver in helping communities across the country benefit from clean energy investments, good-paying jobs and improved energy security.

Brian Williamson, CEO of JEV, stated, “Jericho is proud to support the HALO Hydrogen Hub’s goals of spurring transformative technologies and investments that will lower costs and increase adoption of hydrogen, as well as reduce carbon and other emissions. For HALO, our submission included the utilization of our zero-emission DCC™ in partnership with one of the largest food companies in the U.S., illustrating the potential and breadth of markets for our DCC™ and the role we expect it to play in decarbonizing the commercial and industrial heat and steam markets nationwide.”

The HALO Hub encompasses a diverse network of stakeholders engaged in the promotion of hydrogen production, transport, storage, and utilization. For more information, visit

JEV, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Hydrogen Technologies (HT), owns the zero-emission Dynamic Combustion Chamber™ (DCC™), a [breakthrough] hydrogen fueled boiler with zero CO2 and zero Greenhouse Gas emissions which was designed to replace existing boilers that burn coal, natural gas, diesel, or fuel oil, which account for a significant percentage of global greenhouse gasses emitted each year. In December 2022, the DCC™ was awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation’s “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label which recognizes profitable solutions to protect the environment.

JEV is also pleased to announce that it has engaged GRA Enterprises LLC (“GRA”) to provide investor relations services, and intends to retain GRA for the provision of such services pursuant to an agreement to be ‎entered into between the Company and GRA ‎‎(the “Investor Relations Agreement”), subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.

GRA‎ is in the business of providing communication services including assisting companies in ‎creating awareness of corporate activities. GRA’s specific duties under the ‎Investor Relations Agreement include the distribution and exposure of the Company’s activities, products and services through digital marketing, and retail ‎investor communication on digital mediums, including GRA’s platforms.‎

The Investor Relations Agreement has a term of twelve months. Pursuant to the Investor Relations Agreement, Jericho ‎will pay GRA a fee of USD $100,000. GRA will not be granted any securities, or any right to acquire such an interest of the Company in connection with the Investor Rights Agreement.

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