Ionomr launches hydrocarbon membrane for heavy-duty fuel cell applications

It is now available for heavy-duty industrial applications at scale.

Ionomr Innovations Inc. unveiled Pemion™ hydrocarbon-based proton exchange membrane and polymer for green hydrogen fuel cell applications for heavy-duty industry.

Pemion™ is used in large fuel cell applications including heavy-duty transport, automotive, and stationary power, offering superior chemical and mechanical stability, conductivity, durability, and efficiency, all of which serve to dramatically reduce the unit cost of the fuel cell.

Pemion™ is environmentally friendlier than conventional fluorinated membrane and polymer technology, decreasing reliance on these increasingly regulated materials, and enables simplified and lower-cost recycling for the recovery of expensive catalysts at end of life.

Conventional polymers and membranes are produced using perfluorinated sulfonic acid (PFSA) chemistry. Perfluorinated compounds are known environmental toxins that can leach into water sources, accumulate biologically in living organisms, and are difficult to recycle.

Pemion™ products are produced using environmentally benign hydrocarbon materials and avoid the environmental problems associated with conventional counterparts, while still achieving maximum durability and performance.

Bill Haberlin, CEO of Ionomr, said, ” With our Pemion™ materials now produced at scale, our partners can take their fuel cell and other clean energy technologies to market faster, cleaner, and with better performance.”

Dr. Matthias Breitwieser, CTO at ionysis GmbH, said, “We have been collaborating with Ionomr for several years, and after working with their Pemion® materials have now achieved a step-change in the performance of fully hydrocarbon membrane-electrode-assemblies (MEAs), rivaling PFSA solutions.”

Zohaib Ali

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