Hyster supplies hydrogen handling vehicles to HHLA

This initiative supports a strong hydrogen economy not only in Hamburg but elsewhere in Germany and Europe.

Hyster announces a non-binding MoU to provide Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) with two Hyster® electric container handling vehicles, including the first-ever empty container handler powered by fuel cell technology in a real-world application.

In addition, this will be the first Hyster terminal tractor supplied in Europe. Both units will be powered by Nuvera® fuel cells and run on locally produced hydrogen at the HHLA Hamburg Green Hydrogen Hub.

Fuel cell-powered clean port equipment from Hyster is a key component of the “Clean Port and Logistic” program, and subsequently, HHLA’s H2LOAD project aims to achieve climate neutrality across the HHLA group by 2040. The initial agreement is for two hydrogen-powered vehicles. The delivery of the terminal tractor is planned for late 2022, with the empty container handler to follow in early 2023.

The results of this program will be the basis for a possible scaling up of further zero-emission hydrogen-powered port equipment, which is a part of our ‘H2Load’ project that the German government selected as one of the Important Projects of Common European Interest.

The hydrogen fuel cell-powered equipment from Hyster will be deployed at HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT) in Hamburg. It is planned to equip CTT with a refuelling infrastructure and connect the terminal to the future Hamburg hydrogen grid. A possible phase two of the H2LOAD project includes the rollout of hydrogen fuel cell equipment and infrastructure to several HHLA locations in Central and Eastern Europe.

The hydrogen fuel cell-powered empty container handler is a result of intense collaboration and rigorous application analysis. It will be powered by a single, 60-kilowatt Nuvera fuel cell, while the terminal tractor will be powered by a 45-kilowatt Nuvera fuel cell. Both trucks will share many of the same components, such as drive motor, battery modules, converters, hydrogen tanks and controls. This design approach offers a level of familiarity for operators who have experience with other Hyster big trucks and helps limit complexity, cost of design, manufacturing, service and maintenance.

Georg Böttner, head at HHLA, commented, “The ‘Clean Port and Logistics’ program, a joint initiative of HHLA and other European companies, aims to operationalize and test the next-generation hydrogen-powered port equipment in order to reduce emissions in port handling and the associated logistics chains.”

Jan Willem van den Brand, director, global market development, big trucks, Hyster, said, “Ultimately, our commitment to HHLA is about delivering hydrogen fuel cell-powered equipment at scale to help make their hydrogen-focused vision a reality.”

David LeBlanc, president, technology solutions division, Hyster-Yale Group – parent company of Hyster and Nuvera, added, “We are transforming the way the world moves materials, from busy ports moving shipping containers to the warehouses responsible for bringing goods right to your front door.”

Zohaib Ali

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