Hysata nominates for HyGATE grant

Australian electrolyser company Hysata has been selected as one of the successful grant recipients for the HyGATE Initiative to support real-world pilot, trial and demonstration projects along the hydrogen supply chain and to facilitate collaboration between Australian and German partners.

Paul Barrett, CEO of Hysata said, “We are proud to have the backing of the Australian and German Governments as we rapidly scale-up our high-efficiency electrolyser.”

Hysata’s capillary-fed electrolyser operates at 95% system efficiency (41.5 kWh/kg), delivering a giant leap in performance and cost over incumbent technologies, which typically operate at 75% or less. This high efficiency, coupled with a simple approach to mass manufacturing and low supply chain risk is truly disruptive and will slash the cost of green hydrogen.

Australia has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to be a global leader in green hydrogen and we are delighted to see the Government backing Australian innovators. Our technology will enhance sovereign manufacturing capabilities, create high skilled jobs and position Australia as a green hydrogen powerhouse by providing electrolysers for domestic projects and exports.

Hysata’s electrolyser will help to decarbonise the hardest-to-abate sectors such as steelmaking, chemical production, and heavy transport.

This funding will support our ability to tap into German engineering expertise to help us design our factory of the future.

We look forward to working closely with the Australian and German Governments and announcing more information about Hysata’s pilot projects in the coming weeks.

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