Hynion signs attractive land agreement for hydrogen refueling station

In July 2022, Hynion Sweden was granted a grant of SEK 61.4 million from the Swedish Energy Agency to build two more hydrogen refueling stations, one of which is in Jönköping.

Now Hynion and Jönköping Municipality have signed a lease agreement for an area of land in the logistics area of Torsvik, south of Jönköping.

Torsvik is Sweden’s fastest-growing logistics area with a strategic location on the E4, between the capitals of Scandinavia and close to the continent. Several major players, such as IKEA, Elgiganten, DHL and PostNord, have established warehouses here. Hynion’s hydrogen refueling station will be built in the southern part of the logistics area and be next to two truck stops. The agreement also allows for the establishment of a facility for hydrogen production.

The hydrogen refueling station will have a capacity of 1,500 kg of hydrogen per day and be adapted for heavy vehicles, but also passenger cars will be able to refuel here. The station will be completed in 2023. This makes Hynion a leader in the construction of hydrogen refueling stations in the Nordics.

“We are very happy that we now have an agreement on a very good location for our hydrogen refueling station in Jönköping, and look forward to being able to start the conversion to zero emissions for the heavy traffic in Småland,” says Slavica Djuric.

“Jönköping is a central junction in the traffic flow and it is very gratifying that a refueling station for hydrogen vehicles is established here. It is an important step on the way to enabling fossil-free transport” says Mats Palmérus.

Work is now being intensified with the applications for building permits and other necessary permits for Hynion’s future operations as well as other preparations for the establishment.

In the Jönköping region, there are many companies with significant vehicle fleets that have already shown an interest in starting a transition to fossil-free vehicles. Some of those who are happy that Hynion will build a hydrogen refueling station in Jönköping are Lindströms Bil, Toyota Material Handling and Inquire:

“We are happy that locally here in Jönköping we can be involved in driving the development so that hydrogen gets a proper foothold in the vehicle and transport industry”, says Ulf Lindström, he also continues that “it is safe to know that we also have Toyota Sweden in this investment to get hydrogen cars on the roads and take an active part in the responsibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions”.

“Interest in the market has exploded and Toyota Material Handling is investing and has prepared for the boom through a joint strategy and business plan and strengthened cooperation with Plug Power for the fuel cells. Toyota has 1300 trucks on the market and many larger deals in the pipeline. The reason for the increasing interest is the energy crisis in 2022, the environmental transition (CO2 net zero) and the productivity gains with hydrogen (no charging time and space savings),” says Jakob Arvidsson Klint.

“We have worked for a long time together with Elgiganten to streamline and change to a more sustainable operation, it is now exciting to have another sustainable and green alternative by making it possible to fill up with hydrogen at Torsvik in Jönköping, we will moreover, be neighbors with the station,” says a smiling Björn Paulsson. “We plan to take part in some early test cars and then develop it from there,” he concludes.

Engr. Haseeb Ullah

Haseeb covers the global energy market for both conventional and modern energy resources. His expertise is on the global energy supply chain from generation to distribution and end-users. He has a Master degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
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