Hynion builds hydrogen stations in Västerås and Jönkøping

The stations will have a capacity of 1500 kg per day and be built to facilitate the trucks that now will be phased in.

Hynion was notified yesterday that the Energy Authorities are providing SEK 61.4 million in support to Hynion for two robust high-capacity hydrogen stations that will be located in Västerås and Jönkøping.

“This is an important step forward for hydrogen for the transport sector”, says Slavica Djuric, CEO of Hynion Sweden.  “We now see clear action from the Swedish authorities that they are serious about introducing hydrogen for heavy transport, which makes us very optimistic about the development.  These two stations are located in central logistics hubs which mean that a lot to the transport companies that now will convert to zero emissions.  Cars will of course also be welcomed” Slavica Djuric concludes.

“Together with our stations in Sandviken, Stockholm and Gothenburg, we are forming a network that will allow the roll-out of hydrogen to accelerate”, says Ulf Hafseld, CEO of Hynion AS.  “Now, it will soon be possible to travel between large and important cities in Sweden on hydrogen, and we look forward to welcoming the trucks to our stations.  It is also exciting to see that Sweden takes a leading role in paving the way for the use of hydrogen for heavy transport”, Hafseld continues.

Zohaib Ali

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