Hydrogen ventures company launches a new hydrogen platform

Avina uses a technology-enabled production approach to make distributed green hydrogen cheaper than delivered grey hydrogen today.

Hydrogen Technology Ventures has launched Avina Clean Hydrogen Inc, a clean hydrogen platform with an advanced portfolio of green ammonia and hydrogen plants expected to become operational in 2024.

Avina is a first-of-a-kind green hydrogen platform created to build green hydrogen and green fuel plants in the United States. The platform is developing proprietary, modularized solutions to deploy low-cost distributed green hydrogen at scale. It is well equipped with industry experts with decades of experience in green hydrogen, industrial gas and renewable energy sectors.

Renewable energy production costs are already below $30/MWh in several parts of the United States today. Yet, despite these cost reductions, industries such as oil, steel, rail, marine, and aviation cannot use renewable power in a meaningful way to reduce emissions from their production processes.

Vishal Shah, Avina’s Founder and CEO, said, “Today, even though grey hydrogen production costs in the United States are about $1.50/kg, delivered grey hydrogen costs to the end customer in many instances are still a multiple of production costs and this problem is likely to become much larger as new applications for hydrogen get developed in locations where supply is not easily accessible.”

Zohaib Ali

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