Hydrogen Utopia to develop HUI facility

Hydrogen Utopia International PLC, announces that its wholly owned Polish subsidiary, Hydropolis United sp z.o.o., has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with the City of Walbrzych in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in south western Poland, under which the parties have agreed to develop an HUI facility in the municipality, subject to formal contract.

Hydropolis and the City of Walbrzych have agreed under the LOI to commence preparation of the necessary technical, environmental and legal documentation to facilitate the planning and permitting of an HUI facility in the municipality of Walbrzych for the processing of mixed waste plastic.

This agreement has come about after months of consultation and co-operation between the City of Walbrzych and MZUK Sp. z o.o., the municipal utility company responsible for waste management in the Walbrzych area, with a view to ensuring that an HUI facility would have access to a suitable waste stream as feedstock.

The City of Walbrzych will help select a suitable site and ensure the availability of sufficient plastic waste to fuel the facility, which will produce a high calorie synthesis gas which can be used to generate electricity or from which pure hydrogen can be extracted. The facility would also generate heat which could be fed into a district heating system.

Aleksandra Binkowska, CEO of HUI, commented:  “Recently Wałbrzych has suffered in its transformation from a coal mining city to an industrial hub with a strong focus on the circular economy and a hydrogen future but it has great potential, with an ambitious City Hall led by one of the most dynamic Mayors in Poland. At HUI we intend to work with our partners in Konin, Powerhouse Energy Group plc, to determine the most appropriate system to be installed in Walbrzych.”

Dr Roman Szelemej, Mayor of Walbrzych, commented: “My focus is on the circular economy and this initiative with Hydropolis appears to us to be the perfect solution. Climate change is a truly terrifying problem and as long as I am in charge I will do everything to help improve the lives of my citizens. Whilst I had intended to implement a zero-plastic policy, I now realise that eliminating plastic altogether is impossible and we need a way to tackle the issue.”

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