HyDeal España partners with VINCI Construction, Técnicas Reunidas, PowerChina Guizhou Engineering and TSK

HyDeal España is an initiative that will position Spain as a relevant player worldwide in decarbonisation and sustainable energy generation.

VINCI Construction (in association with its Cobra unit), Técnicas Reunidas, PowerChina and Guizhou Engineering will carry out the basic design phase of Europe’s largest integrated renewable hydrogen hub.

They will be supported by TSK, as Owner’s Engineer, to help HyDeal España in achieving its target to be competitive with fossil fuels.

HyDeal España (HyDeal Spain), the first industrial implementation of the HyDeal Ambition platform, has selected VINCI Construction (in association with its Cobra unit), Técnicas Reunidas, and PowerChina Guizhou Engineering to produce the technical design, architecture and supply chain of the first HyDeal España plants.

The three companies will work to design the highest performance and most cost-effective solar-to-hydrogen systems to produce HyDeal España’s renewable hydrogen on the basis of ambitious, pre-agreed engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) cost targets. HyDeal España and the EPC firms will be supported by TSK as Owner’s Engineer.

Announced in February 2022, HyDeal España is an industrial joint venture formed by ArcelorMittal, Enagás, Grupo Fertiberia and DH2 Energy. HyDeal España will deliver competitive renewable hydrogen to an industrial complex in Asturias from facilities based in northern Spain. The total installed capacity is expected to reach 9.5 GW of solar power and 7.4 GW of electrolysers.

Production is targeted to start by the end of 2025, to produce about 150,000 tons of renewable hydrogen per year from 2026 and reach 330,000 tons in 2030. ArcelorMittal and Grupo Fertiberia have announced their intention to contract, together with other key off-takers, the supply of 6.6 million tons of renewable hydrogen over 20 years.

VINCI Construction (in association with its Cobra unit), Técnicas Reunidas and PowerChina Guizhou Engineering will present their initial technical and economic proposals in the course of the year. Following this basic design phase, HyDeal España will validate the final EPC companies responsible for conducting the Design Engineering Project (FEED) and subsequent project execution (EPC).

During the subsequent design engineering and project execution phases, the selected EPC companies will collaborate with TSK to complete the development and construction of HyDeal’s España renewable hydrogen production sites, which will form the largest integrated renewable and competitive hydrogen hub in Europe. They will collaborate with OEMs[1] across the supply chain, especially electrolyser producers, to secure a GW-scale of competitive equipment supply and foster a Europe-based industry.

Thierry Lepercq, Executive Chairman of the joint venture and spokesperson for HyDeal Ambition, said, “This is a resounding vote of confidence for the HyDeal model and excellent news for all energy users, in Spain and beyond, which are seeking secure and competitive alternatives to fossil fuels at a critical time on energy markets.”

Hugues Seutin, Director of VINCI Construction’s Hydrogen business, said, “This project is key to the decarbonisation of industry and the emergence of a green hydrogen economy in Spain. More than ever, we are determined to find the innovations and solutions that will allow HyDeal España to achieve its ambitions.”

Arturo Crossley, Deputy CEO & Commercial and Strategy Director for Técnicas Reunidas, said, “The world needs more energy and lower emissions. Green hydrogen is a key energy vector that will drive a change, of course, to reduce global emissions and achieve climate neutrality.”

Mr Wang Yuanhui, the General Manager of PowerChina Guizhou, said, “The Era of Green hydrogen is happening. PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co. Ltd. is honoured to be a pioneer in this promising ‘Era of Green hydrogen’ by participating in HyDeal España, a global leading and demonstrative green hydrogen project.”

Joaquín García, TSK’s CEO, said, “This integrated renewable hydrogen hub is a footprint and transformative project in the development of green hydrogen, long-duration energy storage and decarbonisation at scale.”

Zohaib Ali

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