Horiba FuelCon GmbH opens Horiba eHUB

The Horiba eHUB was realized within 24 months from conception to opening.

Horiba FuelCon GmbH has opened Horiba eHUB, a new facility to strengthen its production capabilities, in Barleben, Germany.

It develops, manufactures, and sells evaluation equipment for fuel cells, batteries, and electrolyzers (water electrolysis).

The facility is expected to contribute to future business growth as a global hub base for the Horiba Group’s new energy business, including hydrogen and the development of electric vehicles. In particular, it has secured a vast production area in anticipation of the growing global demand for hydrogen production.

By combining Horiba FuelCon’s fuel cell, battery, and electrolyzer evaluation technologies with the Horiba Group’s various technologies to broaden the range of applications, Horiba eHUB will become a diverse global hub for the new energy business, responding to various market needs. Under the slogan “From Horiba eHUB to the world,” it continues to provide optimal solutions that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality.

Atsushi Horiba, Chairman and Group CEO, said, “The Horiba Group will contribute to a hydrogen and de-carbonized society with offering appropriate analytical solutions from Horiba eHUB, a center of excellence of fuel cells, batteries and electrolyzers.”

Ingo Benecke, President of Horiba FuelCon GmbH, added, “Looking at the current market situation, the HORIBA eHUB is perfect to set the standard, and we are ready to keep pace with increasing demands for higher electrical density.”

Zohaib Ali

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