Heraeus Precious Metals partners with Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering

Heraeus Precious Metals and Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering AB have agreed on a strategic partnership to jointly develop and commercialize a variety of catalysts that are required for the operation of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). SOFCs represent a promising technology for the electrochemical conversion of hydrogen and fuels into electricity.

The portfolio will consist of catalysts for:

  • the (pre-) reforming of hydrocarbons
  • the generation of syngas (H2/CO) via catalytic partial oxidation (CPOX)
  • the purification of syngas via water-gas-shift
  • preferential oxidation (PROX) and selective methanation reactions to yield pure hydrogen (H2)
  • as well as tail-gas combustion

The partnership will boost both companies’ standings in the emerging field of SOFCs and the hydrogen economy. Within the scope of the cooperation, Heraeus and Hulteberg will jointly approach clients and projects in the above-mentioned fields and commercialize new product innovations that are tailored to clients’ needs.

The new precious metal catalysts are being used in (pre-) reforming, hydrogen purification and tail-gas combustion.

Heraeus Precious Metals is headquartered in Hanau, Germany, and one of the world’s leading suppliers of precious metal services and products. The company has significant expertise in the large-scale manufacture, development, and recycling of heterogeneous catalysts, which includes custom and toll manufacturing. In recent years, Heraeus Precious Metals has introduced numerous catalytic solutions centred around the generation (electrolysis), purification, and combustion (fuel cells) of hydrogen.

Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering AB is specialized in the research, development and production of heterogeneous catalysts, with a focus on hydrogen production, electronics, and renewable and recycled fuels and chemicals. Based in Malmö, Sweden, the company has valuable technical and commercial know-how relating to steam methane reforming and pre-reforming catalyst formulations that can be used in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications.

Dominik Sperzel, Global Head of Sales Heterogeneous Catalysis Heraeus Precious Metals: “Through our global partnership with Hulteberg, we give our clients access to existing new product innovations for both precious metal- and base metal-based catalyst solutions. More importantly, we can combine the innovativeness of Hulteberg with the existing large-scale manufacturing capabilities of Heraeus,” emphasizes Dominik Sperzel, Global Head of Sales Heterogenous Catalysis of Heraeus Precious Metals.

Prof. Dr. Christian Hulteberg, CEO and founder of Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering AB: “We are pleased that Heraeus is recognizing the value of our developed catalyst technology and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial collaboration in the field. It is truly a good strategic fit for both organizations,” added Prof. Dr. Christian Hulteberg, CEO and founder of Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering AB.

The development and commercialization of new proprietary (pre-)reforming, purification and tail-gas combustion catalyst technologies stand in alignment with both companies’ efforts to make impactful contributions towards the energy transition.

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