H2XGlobal to supply hydrogen powered commercial vehicles to Renova

Australia’s leading hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer H2X Global Ltd through its subsidy H2X Gothenburg and European Head Quarters based in Sweden announced the successful conversion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to supply hydrogen powered commercial vehicles to Renova, one of Sweden’s major municipal waste companies.

Renova, which is owned by 10 municipalities across the Gothenburg Region in western Sweden.

The initial order is to provide two eighteen tonne garbage back loader units, one 3.5 tonne tail lift light commercial truck and an additional two Warrego Pick-Ups.

There are further 3.5 tonne tail lift light commercial truck units included in the MOU to follow soon.

This decision of additional commercial vehicles from the original MOU only strengthens H2X Global’s commitment in Scandinavia for the development and production of commercial Hydrogen vehicles to the Public & transport industry using Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric propulsion.

This partnership with Renova and the City of Gothenburg is a clear commitment of the city to reach Sweden’s target of net zero before 2045 and by 2030 to reduce emissions by 70% compared to 2010 with the conversion of their existing fleet of diesel-powered vehicles zero-emission trucks powered with hydrogen fuel cell electric drive systems.

These trucks are scheduled for delivery from the second half of 2023.

Peter Westh – Head of Northern Europe, said, “With the partnership with Gothenburg City and Revona and the Hydrogen Initiative in Sweden, we are collectively taking a major step and contribute to the development and establishment of a hydrogen-based eco system and the commitment to reduce emissions in the Gothenburg region.”

Chris Reitz – H2X Global Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer, said, “Renova has shown their commitment to the green hydrogen economy, and we are proud to partner with them in the conversion of their traditional fossil fuel vehicles to H2X range of vehicles in the transitioning to a zero-emission region.

This partnership highlights the Company’s ability to work with innovative, fleet operators like Renova and Gothenburg City in delivering commercial vehicles which will meet the needs of the customer and utilising new technology such as use of super capacitors playing its part in reducing the current pressures and environmental impacts with the need for using large scale batteries.”

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