H2 Green Steel cooperate with GreenIron H2

GreenIron H2 will place its furnaces on H2 Green Steel’s site in Bode.

H2 Green Steel and GreenIron H2 have agreed to collaborate to achieve further emission reduction and increased circularity in H2 Green Steel’s plant in Boden in Northern Sweden.

GreenIron H2 is a Swedish startup focused on the cost-efficient CO2-free reduction of metal oxides to pure metals. Its hydrogen-based CO2-reduction process will be used to recycle iron residuals and waste from H2 Green Steel’s operations.

GreenIron H2 will place its furnaces on H2 Green Steel’s site in Boden, where residuals such as oxidized scale and waste materials from the production will be collected and refined with green hydrogen through GreenIron H2’s patented process.

The output will be full-value metals that can be re-instated in the steelmaking process. Up to 150 000 tonnes of waste and residuals will be collected and recycled annually.

Both companies share a vision of a fossil-free industry and use renewable electricity and green hydrogen to ensure a low or zero carbon emission process. The agreement between the two companies aims to set a model steel plant for the future by addressing the circularity of iron materials.

Henrik Henriksson, CEO of H2 Green Steel, said, “GreenIron has a patented technology and a business model that matches our purpose well. This collaboration is a solid example of two startup companies working together for the good of the planet – one of H2 Green Steel’s five stakeholders.”

Edward Murray, CEO GreenIron H2 AB, said, “At GreenIron we are proud of the possibility to strengthen Sweden’s position as the global front runner in fossil free industry and create new green jobs.”

Zohaib Ali

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