Greentech Hydrogen Innovations advances Hydrogen-of-Things (HoT)

Much of the potential input to the electrical energy grid is lost due to inefficiency and the inability to store accumulated energy.

VPN Technologies Inc. provided further updates on developing its wholly-owned subsidiary Greentech Hydrogen Innovations Corp.

Since filing for a patent provisioning of a novel proprietary “smart” IoT (Internet-of-Things) data aggregation and analytics technology in June 2022, the Company is on track to meet the patent requirements, including proof of concept, prototype and a forthcoming minimum viable product is slated for early 2023 upon completion of Hydrogen-of-Things™ (HoT) patent filing.

Greentech’s Hydrogen-of-Things™ utilises data collected from clusters of sensors distributed throughout the supply chain and leverages machine learning techniques to output yet unknown energy-related findings.

The HoT offering has a multi-phased delivery of features and aims to balance a minimum service offering with massive data collection. Collected data is analysed using proprietary algorithms to determine a variety of new metrics, such as distributed hydrogen production & availability, carbon impact, buyer/seller matchmaking, and staple metrics like tank temperature, pressure & flow.

The platform depicts the data through unique images, charts, animation, and infographics and is accessible to subscribers. Greentech intends to offer various levels of data access subscriptions, HoT device sales, licensing opportunities and potential revenue from fuel commissions.

Greentech will operate the HoT device assembly, technology development, product distribution, device installation, technology licensing, sales, and support while VPN Technologies will be the exclusive network provider for Greentech’s cloud analytics monitoring service.

Curtis Ingleton, VPN CTO, said, “Without insights like those offered through HoT, betting on hydrogen to successfully augment energy consumption globally is a shot in the dark at best.”

Paul Dickson, VPN President and CEO, said, “I’m pleased to see the hardware and software development unfold and enthusiastic about how the adoption of hydrogen as a fuel source is becoming more prevalent, specifically green hydrogen.”

Zohaib Ali

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