Green Hydrogen Van demonstration; Azolla Hydrogen launches research project

In parallel with the development of the demonstrator vehicles, the First Hydrogen is pursuing green hydrogen production projects in the UK and elsewhere.

First Hydrogen Corp. is progressing with two demonstrator FCEV vehicles as part of its partnerships with Ballard Power Systems Inc. and AVL Powertrain UK Limited.

Following optimisation, the fuel cells systems will be shipped back to AVL in the UK for vehicle integration and commissioning. Road/track testing is expected to be on schedule for June 2022, with final delivery for road use in September 2022.

First Hydrogen development of its state-of-the-art mobility refuelling station continues with FEV Consulting GmbH of Aachen Germany.

The two demonstrator vehicles, which are sourced from MAN, are located at AVL’s UK headquarters. One has been stripped down and used for detailed design and packaging assessments to accommodate the Ballard hydrogen fuel cell, the balance of plant systems, and the hydrogen (H2) fuel tanks. This includes the preparations for installing the hydrogen fuel cell, the power battery and the H2 fuel tanks. The second vehicle is for the control systems analysis and integration.

The first of two hydrogen fuel cell stacks provided by Ballard has been built with all required components, including air system, thermal management and cooling system and hydrogen supply. This fuel cell system assembly has been shipped to AVL’s headquarters in Graz, Austria for testing and fuel-cell optimisation. The second fuel cell system assembly will follow shortly.

Azolla Hydrogen launches Mitacs-funded research project

Azolla Hydrogen has initiated a promising Mitacs-funded project with the Ivey Business School at Western University, Ontario. The research project aims to analyse the pathways of optimising hydrogen fuel networks.

Azolla Hydrogen is one of few Canadian companies with the technology, infrastructure, and talent to assist and promote the adoption of low-carbon fuels.

The objectives of the research project are two-fold. First, Azolla seeks to analyse the processes and challenges in implementing an environmentally sustainable methanol-based hydrogen production network to supply vehicular fuel demand in North America. Second, Azolla aims to determine the optimal design of the aforementioned pathways to build a “clean fuel” network from the lens of a life cycle analysis.

This research project is expected to benefit Azolla Hydrogen’s understanding of the optimal clean fuel network and streamline the deployment of its innovative technology to the market.

Ethan Mandel

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