Green hydrogen electrolysis business launches

Green Hydrogen Electrolysis Business Launches

Genuine H2 has launched with a proven green hydrogen electrolysis technology that will provide multiple industries across the globe with affordable, reliable, and clean energy while delivering a commercially viable avenue to decarbonisation.

The Company says the technology has universal applications across the mobility, infrastructure, commercial and consumer sectors, which they believe will provide a scalable solution to the climate and energy crisis.

Targeting Multiple Industries:

  • Mobility: The technology can fuel any form of transport, including yachts, ships, ferries, aeroplanes, trains, cars, buses, and trucks.
  • Infrastructure: The units can be used to construct a network of green hydrogen refuelling stations for land and marine purposes.
  • Commercial: The technology can power urban environments, hospitals, remote farms/communities, mining/construction sites, factories, high rises, and offices.
  • Consumer: The units can use the wastewater from homes — showers and sinks — to power homes

“Our mission is to commercialise a groundbreaking method for producing power so we can deliver a ‘right now’ solution for the urgent need to produce cost-effective, green and dependable energy,” says Genuine H2 Director, Michael Davies.

“The technology has unlimited uses as it can be purpose-built for our customers’ specific needs. We can construct large units for companies with a high-energy demand or modular units for sites needing mobile power.”

Powered by renewable sources, such as wind and solar, the electrolysis unit extracts green hydrogen from wastewater/seawater and converts it to electricity via a fuel cell.

“Our state-of-the-art method for producing green hydrogen is carbon-negative, as the process also extracts CO2 from the water, which is converted into bicarbonates for use in other industries such as farming or for long-term sequestration”.

“Due to this, Genuine H2 and its customers may be eligible for the lucrative carbon credit system, which reached a market size of US$851b in 2021.”

The Company says the electrolysis units can also take the wastewater/seawater and produce clean, pure water.

Genuine H2 already has a substantial project underway, which it will announce in the coming weeks.

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