Green hydrogen at $1.33 Kg/H2 using NASA technology

United Energies Development Corporation, an Arizona-based wholesale industrial, retail gas producer company, said that it had produced green hydrogen from electrolysing water through a cost-effective way that significantly brought down hydrogen production cost.

It has been developing the patented photovoltaic and electrolyser hybrid facility by employing classified technology originally designed for NASA. The production process is unique and has been used for the first time. The technology will use groundwater and sunlight to produce green hydrogen and oxygen on a large scale.

Denis Luz, the company CEO, said, “We start with ultra-pure water, turning it into 99.9998% pure hydrogen and oxygen gas using specialised equipment and a large photovoltaic array.”

The company explains that it will be using confidential equipment with patented technology, weakening the molecular bond of water before splitting it. So, by bringing down the water’s energy to near zero, an electrical charge can separate it with lower input power from solar energy. The company will also store both solar and off-peak electricity at night and sell it back to the grid when required.

He said that all hydrogen in Arizona is currently come by tanker or rail from hydrogen generation facilities in California, US. The company can bring that cost down by cutting transport cost and bringing hydrogen production costs to $1.33 Kg/H2 at an electricity cost of $0.05 kWh.

He claimed that the new hydrogen generation technology would be using equipment which will utilise only 1.2 MW/hr to make 1,077 Kg/H2 a day. Usually, the PEM systems use a substantial amount of electricity to pressurise the water, which keeps the production costs elevated.

Jay Faris

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