Green Fuels for Denmark receives DKK 600 million in IPCEI funding

The Danish Business Authority has awarded the Danish Power-to-X flagship project ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ DKK 600 million as part of Denmark’s participation in the European IPCEI programme. The funding will go towards realising Green Fuels for Denmark’s first phases of 10 MW, 100 MW and 300 MW, respectively.

The Green Fuels for Denmark consortium consists of Ørsted, who is leading the development of the project, and a number of major Danish logistics companies with global reach. The demand-side partners are: A.P. Moller – Maersk, Copenhagen Airports, DFDS, DSV and SAS. Topsoe, Nel and Everfuel are technology partners on the project, and COWI acts as knowledge partner. By bringing together the leading Danish companies from both the technology and the supply and demand side, Green Fuels for Denmark is ideally placed to develop Denmark’s large potential within Power-to-X while creating jobs and supply chain development in the process.

The funding from the Danish Business Authority represents a strong contribution to Green Fuels for Denmark, which, as a flagship project, can help advance the Power-to-X industry as a whole to deliver the green fuels that are urgently needed to secure Europe’s regional energy independence and fight climate change. Green Fuels for Denmark, and the Power-to-X industry in general, remain dependent on competitive supply of renewable power and clear national and international regulations that advance the demand for green fuels and drive out fossil-based alternatives. Together with the necessary framework conditions, the Danish IPCEI funding can contribute to the realisation of this pioneering project.

Green Fuels for Denmark’s first two phases will produce renewable hydrogen to power heavy road trucks and enough e-methanol to power an ocean-going vessel or several ferries. The consortium also plans to start production of green synthetic jet fuel, e-kerosene, in the project’s second phase. In Green Fuels for Denmark’s later phases, the project could produce a quantity of e-kerosene corresponding to 30 % of the pre-pandemic jet fuel consumption at Copenhagen Airport – far beyond the fuel needed for Danish domestic aviation.

Anders Nordstrøm, Chief Operating Officer, Ørsted Power-to-X, says: “We’re very pleased to have received funding from the Danish government for Green Fuels for Denmark, and we’d like to commend Denmark for taking a leading role in fighting climate change also in the hard-to-abate sectors. Power-to-X can become Denmark’s next green business stronghold, and with the right, supportive regulation, ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ is uniquely placed to lead this second phase of Denmark’s green success story.”

Christian Poulsen, COO, Copenhagen Airports, says: “Power-to-X is key to a green transition for aviation, and it is crucial to get the development and production going. Together with the necessary framework conditions, the Danish IPCEI funding can contribute to the realization of Green Fuels for Denmark and lead the way for a more sustainable aviation. At Copenhagen Airports we are proud to be part of the journey and happy that the project has reached this important milestone.“

Jens Bjørn Andersen, Group CEO, DSV A/S, says: “An important part of moving the industry forward is in creating forums and partnerships for collaboration, innovation and the sharing of best practices across companies. That is why I am thrilled that DSV is part of Green Fuels for Denmark and that we have now reached this important stage in the project. The use of alternative fuels will play a critical role in the future of a lower-emission transport sector and links to DSV’s long-term sustainability ambitions.”

Simon Pauck Hansen, EVP and COO, SAS, says: “This is very good and important news. The award of DKK 600 million is an important contribution to get the project started and to demonstrate that PtX is a way forward for the transition, also for decarbonization of aviation. We are talking about production of potentially significant volumes of sustainable e-kerosene, corresponding to approximately SAS’ total annual fuel consumption for its network in Denmark.”

Torben Carlsen, CEO, DFDS, says: “Transforming the shipping and logistics industry takes heavy investments in new technologies and infrastructures to accommodate high volumes of green power. DFDS is committed to having a green vessel in operations by 2025 and is already deploying electrical trucks on European roads. As an off-take partner in the Green Fuels for Denmark partnership, we highly welcome political ambition, will and actions that speed up the green transition.”

Kim Saaby Hedegaard, CEO Power-to-X, Topsoe, says: “Decarbonization of heavy transportation is a tough challenge for society and one that we need to solve now to reach net zero in 2050. We are thrilled to support with our expertise in Power-to-X solutions and to help this visionary project reaching its ambitious targets.”

Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO, Everfuel, says: “We would like to gratulate Ørsted and the Green Fuels for Denmark consortium on this major milestone. This is an important project for scaling Power-to-X and for the decarbonisation of mobility in Denmark and Europe. At Everfuel we look forward to participating in bringing the project forward and providing sustainable fuels to the market,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO of Everfuel.”

Jens Højgaard Christoffersen, Group CEO, COWI, says: “Partnerships and co-creation are key to addressing the huge and complex challenges we face in making the world more sustainable. Thanks to the partners’ high ambitions, this new funding will help deliver a significant contribution to an important project in the green transition. We are excited to contribute our knowledge about large-scale projects and green technologies.”

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