GES and De Nora to develop hydrogen batteries

For GES, the project is part of a broader R&D framework that also uses a solid network of industrial partnerships.

Green Energy Storage S.r.l. (GES) and Industrie De Nora S.p.A. (De Nora) partnered for the realisation of testing, development and optimisation platform for the prototype of the hydrogen battery patented by GES.

GES is an innovative SME specialising in the battery sector with a revolutionary 100% green, hydrogen-based hybrid gas/liquid technology platform. Its aim is to create a new generation of non-toxic, safe batteries that operate at room temperature and consist of readily available materials.

In this regard, GES has recently received from the European Union and the Italian government, with the signing of the Decree of Grant by the Ministry of Economic Development, access to funds for 53 million euros for the IPCEI Batteries 2 project, dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions along the entire battery value chain.

Among the objectives of the new GES/De Nora partnership: to maximise battery performance in terms of power, density, and life cycle with increasingly high-performance and economically sustainable components; to strengthen and optimise the mutual exchange of industrial expertise on the one hand and research and development on the other; to speed up GES technology roadmap and accelerate the timeframe for the pre-commercial validation of the hydrogen battery.

The agreement also aims to develop a shared path that can lead GES to the final leap of its technological maturity and De Nora to a position in the growing market of storage.

Salvatore Pinto, president of Green Energy Storage, said, “We thus consolidate our integrated research roadmap with industrial partnerships, in this case on electrolyte and catalyst components.”

Christian Urgeghe, CTO of De Nora, said, “Hydrogen is central to European and global energy transition and we need to accelerate the development of the most promising technologies to industrial scale.”


Zohaib Ali

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