GenCell and EV Motors Pure Energy deploy charging stations

EV Motors Pure Energy orders dozens of additional charging stations to be distributed at key locations across Israel.

GenCell Energy and EV Motors Pure Energy announced that in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement between the companies, EV Motors Pure Energy will purchase from GenCell dozens of additional off-grid charging systems based on GenCell’s fuel cell and energy storage technology.

The charging systems will be implemented at multiple off-grid vehicle charging stations across Israel in a deal valued at some US$ 5 million.

The two companies are executing on their cooperation to develop an integration of GenCell’s alkaline fuel cells together with EV Motors Pure Energy’s electric vehicle charging technologies to enable autonomous off-grid hybrid electric vehicle charging stations that eliminate the need for fossil fuel generators.

Following completion of the deployment of the first four stations, including implementation at the site of an EV Motors’ existing commercial customer, which will demonstrate the benefits of the technology and attract interest from e-mobility companies around the world, the partners will evaluate and apply insights from the first round of deployments to facilitate the optimized implementation of additional stations that will be distributed widely across the country.

The solution is expected to disrupt the EV charging landscape, first in Israel and subsequently around the world. By investing in reliable, efficient, and emission-free EV charging infrastructure, we both guarantee the highest quality of service for our electric vehicle customers and drive the growth of the EV market.

Ohad Seligmann, Chairman of EV Motors, said, “ To realize our mission, we have partnered with GenCell to leverage failsafe, resilient, zero-emission hydrogen and ammonia-to-power fuel cell technologies to ensure a reliable and steady flow of clean power for our charging stations.”

Rami Reshef, CEO of GenCell, said, “By supplementing the grid with autonomous off-grid EV charging stations powered by hydrogen and ammonia, we can reduce this pressure and alleviate the concerns of EV drivers who are afraid that their travel will be limited by insufficient availability of charging stations.”

Zohaib Ali

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