Fusion Fuel Consortium receives €36 million in grant funding from Portugal’s c-05 Mobilizing Agendas

Fusion Fuel has been approved for a total of €36 million in grant funding for its “Sines Green Hydrogen Valley Alliance” through Component 5 (C-05) of Portugal´s Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The component – Mobilizing Agendas for Business Innovation – is intended to align stakeholders from across the entire value chain to develop the domestic green hydrogen ecosystem. The company had previously disclosed that it had been selected for financing awards, subject to further negotiations with the Agenda Coordination Commission. These discussions have now been concluded and Fusion Fuel has submitted the respective award contract duly signed.

Of the €36 million awarded to the consortium, €22.5 million will be allocated to Fusion Fuel’s H2 HEVO-SINES project, a 3,000 HEVO-Solar facility – equivalent to 75 MW of electrolysis capacity – that will be developed, owned, and operated by the company. Fusion Fuel has already secured 121 hectares of land within the Sines area for the development of the project, which is expected to take FID and commence construction in 2024.

The green hydrogen to be produced is expected to be used in decarbonizing local industry, mobility applications, and for blending into the natural gas grid. Another €3.5 million will be allocated to Fusion Fuel to fund research and development of its proprietary electrolysis technology. The balance of the funding will be allocated to other projects within Fusion Fuel’s consortium for which the company is a technology partner, including those sponsored by KEME Energy, Transition2Green, and HyLAB Collaborative Laboratory.

Fusion Fuel is also eligible for additional C-05 funding in its capacity as a consortium partner on two other projects that have already been selected by the Agenda Coordination Commission for financing awards. Those consortia expect to receive a funding decision over the coming weeks.

Pedro Caçorino Dias, Fusion Fuel’s Head of Commercial for Portugal who countersigned the terms of acceptance, commented on this achievement: “This is an important milestone, not only for Fusion Fuel, but for Portugal as well. It’s the largest funding allocation to date by the Portuguese government as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, a tangible expression of Portugal’s commitment to the energy transition effort and ambition to be at the forefront of the global green hydrogen economy. For Fusion Fuel, this decision will spur further progress on our flagship Sines project portfolio, which is the centerpiece of our European development pipeline. We expect to take FID on the first two phases of Sines, representing 12 MW, in 2023, with the 75 MW H2 HEVO-SINES project, the third phase of our Sines rollout, taking FID in 2024. With the land already secured we hope to mobilize quickly to begin the permitting process with the goal of commencing construction on H2 HEVO-SINES project in early 2024.”

Frederico Figueira de Chaves, Fusion Fuel’s Co-Head and Chief Financial Officer, added, “We have discussed at length our overarching commercial objective of finding a home for 100% of our production capacity beginning in 2023. The C-05 grants secured by the Sines Green Hydrogen Valley Alliance will give us a substantial head start and position us to deliver on that objective. The technology sales in our C-05 agenda account for 10-15% of our expected 2023 production, while H2 HEVO-SINES alone represents over 75% of our production capacity for 2024. We are thrilled to have received approval for this funding award, a decision that cements our position as a prominent player in the Sines green hydrogen ecosystem and further strengthens our market positioning as we begin to look at markets outside of Southern Europe.”

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