FUJIFILM and UCDI to develop hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria

FUJIFILM Corporation and CO2 Recycling Laboratory Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as UCDI) signed a joint research agreement on December 23 regarding the development of mass-production technology for hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria that produce organic matter using carbon dioxide as the main raw material.

In this research, the two companies will jointly develop mass-production technology for efficiently producing alanine, a type of amino acid, by mass-cultivating UCDI’s proprietary hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria, UCDI ® Hydrogen Bacteria. In the future, Fujifilm and UCDI will work to establish this technology at an early stage and aim for social implementation.

Hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria are microorganisms that take in carbon dioxide as a nutrient and grow rapidly to produce organic matter. Absorbing carbon dioxide in the production process of organic matter makes it possible to become carbon negative, which means that the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed is greater than the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. expected as one of the means However, for the practical application of hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria, it is necessary to establish a mass-production technology that enables stable mass culture and highly efficient production of organic matter.

UCDI’s “UCDI ® Hydrogen Bacteria” is a highly proliferative hydrogen-oxidizing bacterium with a division doubling time of about 1 hour. can be produced. Currently, UCDI holds many patents for producing various organic substances from carbon dioxide using “UCDI ® Hydrogen Bacteria“.

Fujifilm has applied the production technology it has developed through photographic film to the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals involving microbial and cell culture, greatly improving production efficiency. Furthermore, through the fusion of production technology and biotechnology, we have developed a next-generation continuous production system that enables integrated production of biopharmaceutical APIs from cell culture to purification. We are actively promoting the development and commercialization of This time, Fujifilm and UCDI will start joint research on the development of mass production technology for “UCDI ®

Hydrogen Bacteria” using the technologies of both companies . Specifically, we are researching UCDI® Hydrogen Bacteria, which produce alanine, which is used in a wide range of products such as food, feed, cosmetics, and media required for cell culture, and whose demand is expected to continue to grow . By combining Fujifilm’s production technology and biotechnology with UCDI’s production technology for hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria, we have realized stable mass cultivation of “UCDI® Hydrogen Bacteria” and efficiently produced alanine, a type of amino acid . We will develop mass production technology.

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