FuelPositive provides update on progress of its green ammonia system

FuelPositive Corporation provided an update today on the progress of its on-farm, containerized Green Ammonia production system and its current Sales Pipeline for 2023 and beyond.

FuelPositive is happy to announce that its on-farm, containerized Green Ammonia production system is now over 80% complete and its farm readiness impending, having overcome global supply chain delays the Company faced throughout 2022.

Both the hydrogen and nitrogen input modules are now fully operational, farm ready and are surpassing both quantity output and purity targets.

Nelson Leite, COO and Board Director stated: “We are thrilled with the near farm readiness of the system today. Final factory commissioning of our proprietary Green Ammonia synthesis module is currently underway, and the system will be producing Green Ammonia as soon as all safety certifications are completed. As illustrated in the the photograph below, our on-farm containerized Green Ammonia system is now a commercial scale, 100 tonne per year, highly engineered system that is monitored and controlled at over 140 points, which allows FuelPositive to measure and ensure, in real-time, the most optimal operating parameters, on-site.”

Martin Cina, Director of Project Execution and Nelson Leite, said, “Additionally, the system is so robustly engineered that we expect the service life of our systems to be measured in decades, beyond the anticipated 30-year mark. In other words, these are permanent on-site systems, that will be producing Green Ammonia at a steady rate of supply and stable cost to the end-user for decades,” added Leite.

“We’ve deliberately held off on announcing any progress on our sales pipeline up until this point. We wanted to ensure that we had a critical mass of interest that was relevant to report to our stakeholders.” Stated Ian Clifford, CEO and Board Chair. “I’m very pleased to say that we have reached that point! With over 100 inquiries coming in from around the world, as of today we have jointly prequalified 42 of those who are fully matched to receive one or more of our systems. Obviously, we cannot meet that level of demand within the next 12 months in our current facilities, with our existing infrastructure, but it’s a good problem to have! That means that we are now planning for heavy batch manufacturing in our current facilities, with the intention of building towards high output serial production in a purpose-built facility, as soon as practical,” continued Clifford.

FuelPositive’s pre-qualification criteria includes such factors as: type of farming; crop mix; types of nitrogen fertilizers utilized in the past, present and future; sources of green electricity; cost of green electricity; and other specific geographic and political considerations for the integration of our technology on site. The FP300 produces 300KG a day, or just over 100 metric tonnes of Green Anhydrous Ammonia per year on a base model system, with most sales inquiries requiring multiple systems.

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