FuelPositive launches containerized green ammonia production systems

The systems can bring transformational change to farmers.

FuelPositive Corporation is accepting pre-sale orders for its onsite, containerized green ammonia production systems starting today.

Initial customers are expected to be farmers using the company’s production systems for manufacturing green ammonia on their farms. The green ammonia will be used as fertilizer to power farm machinery, such as tractors and other farm vehicles, generators and grain drying systems.

Some of the initiatives FuelPositive is working on include speaking with various levels of government to capitalize on clean tech adoption programs, including accelerating depreciation and other tax incentives. These programs dramatically improve farmers’ return on investment timeframes. It is also forming strategic partnerships with financial institutions to help them understand the nature of the new technology to get them ready to help farmers finance their system purchases.

In addition, FuelPositive is developing an international accreditation standard and guidelines for using green ammonia. These standards will have a significant impact on the value of carbon credits around the world and will also help farmers to influence local governments to reward the use of green ammonia in their operations.

Tracy and Curtis Hiebert, FuelPositive’s partners in its first demonstration system pilot project, are considered the first pre-sales customer. After completing the pilot project on their Manitoba crop farm, they have committed to purchasing a commercial system.

“The FuelPositive system will give us stability. That’s what we like about it. It’s stabilizing the supply and stabilizing the price,” said Curtis Hiebert.

Base System Specs

  • 300 kg/day (100 tonnes/year) of Green Anhydrous Ammonia
  • 476 kg/day of water
  • Customer to supply sustainable grid source of electricity or an off-grid option (approximately 1-megawatt solar array, with supplementary storage, would power the system completely off-grid)
  • Each system fits within three standard 20-foot containers
  • Life cycle of several decades, with periodic upgrades
  • Modular design makes component and software upgrades easy

The initial base system price of CA$950,000 was announced though the actual price paid by each customer will vary, based upon the particular situation at each farm.

Ian Clifford, FuelPositive CEO and Board Chair said, “We consider opening for pre-sale orders to be an important step in our commercialization strategy. Pre-sales order volume is an accurate indicator of demand. Demand will drive many decisions, including our sales and operational planning, near-term material and labour plans, and long-term manufacturing capacity planning.”

Derek Boudreau, Strategic Advisor of Agricultural Implementation, FuelPositive, said, “FuelPositive is investing in the development of an infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of our technology.”

Zohaib Ali

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