Foton delivers hydrogen city buses to Australia

Foton, so far, has delivered over 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses to its customers globally.

Foton has delivered two units of hydrogen fuel cell buses, Foton AUV, to the Kelsian Group and added to the Transit Systems group’s growing green fleet of sustainable transport solutions.

The fleet now includes 60 electric buses and two hydrogen buses, making Transit Systems, part of the Kelsian Group, Australia’s most experienced sustainable public transport operator.

Foton has now delivered over 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses to its customers worldwide. With a proven track record of delivering very reliable and eco-friendly performance, all these zero-carbon vehicles have accumulated a total mileage of over 13 million km. Foton has successfully developed a hydrogen fuel cell system that enables buses to achieve zero carbon emissions.

Benefiting from maturing hydrogen fuel cell technology and experience in commercial operations, more customers have added Foton to the public transport system to increase the green fleet of sustainable transport solutions.

With lighter frame weight, higher payload capacity and longer continuous distances travelled, Foton’s new energy vehicles, which fully represent zero-carbon transport solutions, are breaking new ground for the market.

Clint Feuerherdt, CEO of Kelsian Group, said, “The arrival of FOTON’s hydrogen fuel cell buses represents a new milestone for us, positioning us as Australia’s greenest bus operator. We work closely with the Government of Australia and are committed to playing a role fundamental in achieving sustainable development.”


Zohaib Ali

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