First Hydrogen to work with FEV on bespoke hydrogen vehicle

This will enable First Hydrogen Automotive to plan its vehicles’ definitive designs and production facilities.

First Hydrogen Automotive has extended its consulting relationship with FEV Group of Aachen, Germany to define the technology leadership strategy for its fleet of bespoke hydrogen fuel cell-powered light commercial vehicles (LCV) and other potential vehicles based on our proprietary designs.

More specifically, FEV will advise on target product specifications, software-led functionality, including advanced driver-assistance systems/autonomous driving systems (ADAS/AD)/connectivity functionality and electrics & electronics architecture, and assessment of the product concept hardware options in terms of design, layout, materials, manufacturing and platform modularity.

In April 2022, the UK government announced plans to double hydrogen production to 10 GW by 2030, with at least 5 GW to come from green hydrogen (produced in electrolysers which split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity generated by wind and other renewables). First Hydrogen plans to contribute to these targets with up to four production sites, with each site having a refuelling station for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The four sites’ initial production capacity estimates are between 80 MW to 160 MW.

Nicholas Wrigley, Chairman First Hydrogen Limited said, “We are utilising MAN eTGE vans for our demonstrators to build customer following and bespoke design references, and this new phase of development will define First Hydrogen’s own vehicle design interior and exterior, optimised for hydrogen and fuel cell powertrains.”

The company’s Energy Division is working to develop refuelling and green hydrogen production sites in Liverpool, Manchester, London and the Thames Estuary, which will serve our customers’ fleet of vehicles and other users of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Zohaib Ali

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