First hydrogen produced at Europe’s largest electrolyser, HySynergy

Everfuel A/S is pleased to announce the production of first hydrogen at HySynergy, where the initial volumes produced today at Europe’s largest electrolyser, represent a major milestone towards the commercialisation of green hydrogen as a clean source of energy for industry and mobility.

The hydrogen was produced from the first set of electrolyser stacks as part of the planned start-up and testing of production equipment at the 20 MW HySynergy facility in Fredericia, Denmark. The start of the commissioning phase was executed according to plan, confirming that the electrolyser, power supply and ancillaries operate as intended. The small amount of hydrogen produced was safely vented into the atmosphere with no environmental impact.

“First hydrogen is a major milestone both for Everfuel and for a greener society. We are executing on our promise to soon bring commercial green hydrogen to the market, and I am grateful to the project team and partners who have worked tirelessly to make this happen on schedule amid a challenging supply chain market,” said Jacob Krogsgaard, founder and CEO of Everfuel.

The initial production is the first step towards ramping up the electrolyser facility to supply green hydrogen to customers seeking to decarbonise industrial processes, such as the adjacent Crossbridge Refinery, and to customers seeking clean fuels for zero-emission mobility. Commercial production is expected to commence in the second quarter of 2023, subject to relevant approvals by Danish authorities, as HySynergy is currently the first large-scale PtX facility in Denmark and is considered a learning case for the authorities’ work related to coming Danish PtX projects. Earlier this year, HySynergy was appointed as a Flagship project by Hydrogen Europe as it spearheads the roll-out of large-scale hydrogen implementation in Europe.

The HySynergy project will be developed in stages with the 20 MW electrolyser representing the first phase. Everfuel plans to add an up to 10 MW test facility, expected to be operational during 2023. It will enable electrolyser manufacturers to test equipment in a controlled environment where the produced hydrogen can be used by Everfuel or Crossbridge.

The test facility will be offered to a shortlisted group of electrolyser suppliers in the tender for the second phase of HySynergy which today has received DKK 246.3 million in Danish IPCEI funding. Phase two is set to add further 300 MW of capacity in 2025 through the development of three 100 MW sections. The DKK 246.3 million funding announced today will be used to finance building the first of the 100 MW sections.

By end of 2025, when the 300 MW electrolyser facility is established, HySynergy will have the capacity to produce green hydrogen that may facilitate an up to 500,000 tonnes reduction of carbon emissions per year from the industry and the mobility sectors, corresponding to 11% of the total carbon emissions from the Danish land-based transport sector in 2020. Accumulated facility capacity planned for 1GW in 2030.

HySynergy is a project collaboration between Everfuel, Crossbridge Energy A/S, EWII, TREFOR, Aktive Energi Anlæg, TVIS and ENERGINET. It is a part of the first Everfuel hydrogen hub which are PtX facilities that scale green hydrogen via local value chains for production, distribution and consumption backed by long-term customer agreements.

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