Fingrid and Gasgrid Finland request feedback on hydrogen project

The companies have jointly prepared draft scenarios that describe at the top level how the hydrogen economy will affect the development of the energy system.

Fingrid and Gasgrid Finland are running a joint project that examines the potential trends in the hydrogen economy and their impact on the energy system.

The project creates the conditions for developing Finland’s electricity and hydrogen transmission infrastructure in a holistic and long-term manner, considering both current and future energy transmission needs. To identify the needs, it has drafted scenarios specifically related to the potential of the hydrogen economy in Finland, where feedback on the draft scenarios is requested by 19 August 2022.

Three scenarios have been presented for the Finnish hydrogen economy, with different development trends and roles for Finland in the hydrogen value chain. Will Finland develop into a significant exporter of P2X products, hydrogen gas, or both to meet the increasing demand in the domestic and European markets? Based on Finland’s possible different roles, a hydrogen infrastructure that enables domestic use and foreign exports and imports has been formed in the scenarios.

In the scenarios, hydrogen production will become Finland’s largest electricity consumer, and wind power will become the largest form of electricity production. Finland’s electricity consumption will almost double from the current level by 2030 and triple/quadruple by 2040. This trend is mainly driven by the electricity needed for hydrogen production.

The required energy transmission within Finland will increase significantly as the production and consumption of both electricity and hydrogen are distributed across Finland. Energy transmission can take the form of electricity, as is the case today, or in the future, part of the transmission can also be carried out as hydrogen using domestic hydrogen transmission infrastructure.

Zohaib Ali

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