FFI receives land allocation for Mid-West hub

FFI has been working closely with stakeholders to bring export-scale green hydrogen and ammonia to the Mid-West.

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) has been allocated land in the WA Government’s Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) for green hydrogen.

It will pave the way for the green energy leader to progress its exploration of a proposed project for the domestic and international export of green hydrogen and green ammonia from the Mid West.

FFI had been allocated the land 435km north of Perth and 23km north of Geraldton after the company expressed an interest in developing a project at Oakajee SIA.

The allocation allows FFI to continue progressing with its proposed project at Oakajee, subject to further scoping and feasibility studies to determine how to best proceed with project development.

The company is confident that the region’s quality of wind and solar resources could support a major renewable energy hub, including associated industries such as manufacturing key infrastructure equipment.

FFI has started engaging with community stakeholders to understand concerns and identify opportunities for local businesses.

FFI will work with stakeholders to assess the potential impacts of the proposed project on the local and State economy and the surrounding communities, as well as the cultural and environmental impacts.

FFI will start discussions with DevelopmentWA to establish key terms for the company’s land allocation within Oakajee SIA.

Maia Schweizer, FFI Australia West Director, said, “The Mid West region has the opportunity to join the global green hydrogen revolution. This land allocation is an important milestone in firming up our proposed project.”

Zohaib Ali

Zohaib is the editor of H2 Bulletin. Please click on the email icon to contact me if you want to talk about a news.
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