Everfuel opens new station in Oslo

The station will ensure that hydrogen passenger vehicles and taxis have better fuelling options in the capital area.

Everfuel has opened a new hydrogen refuelling station at Alnabru in Oslo, Norway, which supports Everfuel’s ambition of rolling out a hydrogen infrastructure across Northern Europe.

In 2020 Everfuel won a tender from Oslo Municipality with the ambition of building an energy station in the Oslo area. That station has now been built and is open to the public. The station’s capacity will gradually be scaled up to meet increased requirements from expanding fleets of hydrogen vehicles.

In the longer run, the station will play a key role in transitioning heavy-duty vehicles to run on hydrogen.

Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO of Everfuel, said, “It is our second station in the Oslo area, and we are happy to offer more flexibility for the ones driving hydrogen vehicles in the Norwegian capital. As more zero emission vehicles are launched, we will expand the station’s capacity so that even more cars and trucks can run on green fuel without any nuisance from noise or emissions.”

Petter N. Christiansen, Mobility Advisor at Klimaetaten, said, “It is vital to succeed with changing fossil-based trucks and busses to zero emission fuels if we are to reach our ambition of reducing the city’s emissions with 95% before 2030.”

Zohaib Ali

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