Everfuel launches mobile refuelling unit

The simplicity of the design in the Everfiller limits maintenance requirements which provide high uptime and high availability whenever needed.

Everfuel has launched the refuelling unit, the Everfiller, which is a flexible and fully mobile hydrogen fuelling solution targeted at smaller vehicle fleets.

The unit allows Everfuel to offer low hydrogen prices at lower volumes than a conventional filling station, and does not require long-term customer commitment, which is normally needed for building a fixed station.

The Everfiller is based on patent-pending technology from Everfuel, and pilots are expected in the second half of 2023, with full-scale operation in 2024.

The unit is fully mobile and can simply be rolled away when the fuelling period is finished, allowing Everfuel to offer much greater flexibility in terms of length and size of offtake commitment.

Smaller fuel-cell vehicle fleet owners have previously faced the challenge of costly investments in full-scale stationary stations and the need to commit to long-term offtake, which does not always fit with the operator’s business model.

However, many operators would like to decarbonise their fleets by trying or adopting hydrogen fuel but have struggled to find a way over these hurdles. The Everfiller lowers these barriers and makes hydrogen fuel accessible for users with small depots or who wish to conduct small scale trials.

The unit has three onboard integrated fuelling lines that can be directly filled from, which offers fuelling for up to three vehicles in parallel. The unit will, in particular, be beneficial in bus depots.

Uffe Borup, CTO at Everfuel, said, “Adding the Everfiller to our services offers greater flexibility for a range of customers as they can choose the stationary station which offers fast fuelling at all times or the flexible and cheap solution in the Everfiller.”

Discussions with prospective users of the Everfiller solution have generated a very warm reception to date, both due to the Everfiller’s flexibility and its ability to significantly lower the cost of hydrogen for the customer with at least € 1/kg. Several Public Transport Operators, including German PTOs Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK), WSW mobil GmbH and In-der-City Bus (ICB), have expressed their enthusiasm for utilising the solution to fuel their vehicles and for participating in prototype testing.

Zohaib Ali

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