Everfuel’ HySynergy uses Howden hydrogen compression technology

Everfuel said that it would use Howden green hydrogen compression technology at its HySynergy project in Fredericia, Denmark. The € 2 million (US$ 2.4 million) compression solution is scheduled to be delivered in early 2022.

Everfuel is a Danish green hydrogen fuel provider, and Howden is a British provider of air and gas handling solutions.

Hydrogen compression is the second vital part in the under-construction 20 MW HySynergy plant after the alkaline electrolyser. In December 2020, Everfuel announced that NEL would supply the electrolyser under a € 7.25 million (US$ 8.8 million) contract with delivery scheduled to start in late 2021.

The electrolyser plant will operate on partial load, even if one compressor is out for maintenance. It is designed for low maintenance and high availability.

The facility is expected to be fully operational by mid-2022. It will have a production capacity of about 8 tonnes/day of green hydrogen, made from renewable wind power, with 10 tonnes of storage capacity. Everfuel is responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction, including storage and distribution facilities.

Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel said that there is a possibility of expanding the cooperation to potentially include up to 100 MW electrolyser solutions, which would fit with the potential three units in the planned Phase II.

CEO of Howden, Ross Shuster, stated: “Through close cooperation with Everfuel and NEL, who are innovators in the development of green hydrogen infrastructure, we provided a compression solution which seamlessly integrated into Everfuel’s hydrogen production infrastructure.”

HySynergy is a project that aims to establish a 20 MW Power-to-X facility in 2022 with a goal for 1 GW before 2030. Everfuel’s total investment for developing the Fredericia facility is around € 20 million (US$ 24.3 million), which is approximately 50% financed by public Danish and EU funding programs. Everfuel has a 10-year offtake agreement with the Fredericia refinery for baseload hydrogen offtake for the refinery process. The remaining hydrogen will be used in Everfuel distribution and fueling network.

Various companies are involved in the HySynergy project besides Everfuel such as Shell Refinery, Aktive Energi Anlæg (AEA), Trefor Elnet, Energinet, TVIS and EWII.

Shabelah Kahn

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