Everfuel and Greenstat lease agreement for construction of h2 factory in Norway

Everfuel and Greenstat have entered into a long-term lease agreement with Elkem ASA on the Fiskaa industrial area for the construction of the ENOVA-supported h2 factory in Kristiansand, Norway.

It is initially planned to build a hydrogen production facility with a 20 MW electrolyser that produces around 8 tonnes of green hydrogen per day. There is also a target for an expansion of the hydrogen plant (Phase 2) in the slightly longer term with a total capacity of approx. 60 MW and a production of around 24 tonnes/day.

Depending on the investment decision for the hydrogen plant, an agreement has been entered into for a 30 + 10-year lease on the industrial area at Fiskaa to be able to produce and distribute green hydrogen to the maritime sector based in Kristiansand.

Everfuel and Greenstat are now working on a progress plan where an investment decision will be made for the project in June this year, and construction will start in August/September. The construction period itself will last approx. 1.5 years with the aim of producing hydrogen from Fiskå at the end of 2024.

Everfuel and Greenstat established the ‘Hydrogen hub Agder’ project in 2021 and signed a letter of intent with Elkem in April 2022 for the development of a hydrogen plant at Fiskaa in Kristiansand. The aim is primarily to supply Norwegian coastal traffic and maritime traffic to the continent (Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.) with renewable fuel from green hydrogen. The project received investment support of NOK 148 million from government enterprise Enova in June 2022 as one of five maritime hubs for hydrogen in Norway.

Engr. Haseeb Ullah

Haseeb covers the global energy market for both conventional and modern energy resources. His expertise is on the global energy supply chain from generation to distribution and end-users. He has a Master degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
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