EODev launches a new range of high capacity zero-emission hydrogen power generators

After less than three years in business and close to 100 GEH2® (110kVA) and onboard REXH2®(70kW) electro-hydrogen power generators sold across the world, French manufacturer EODev announces the commercialization of new products from 10kVA to 1,750kVA.

The first models will enter production in 2024 and will be available for order from mid-2023.

EODev’s assembly line near Paris already delivers one 110kVA GEH2® per day. The objective being to avoid the emission of 30 million tons of CO2 over the next 10 years, EODev now initiates the second phase of its product development by expanding its range to offer new high power “plug & play” solutions for existing customers, such as equipment rental leaders Loxam and United Rentals, and for new markets with high power back up or fast EV charging in mind.

The acceleration of our deployment continues. We have proven the validity of our products throughout the world and built a leading know-how in the design and management of fuel cell systems over the last years. Whatever the applications, the replacement of diesel gensets by zero emission solutions is possible and this new range will allow us to respond to many requests, » explains Stéphane Jardin, EODev’s chief commercial officer.

The new high power GEH2® modules come in three complementary models: a 350kVA 20′ container version and two 1,050kVA 40′ container versions – an air cooled system of 1050kVA and a water cooled one of 1750kVA – especially developed for highly sensitive applications such as industrial and airport facilities, hospitals, water treatment plants, data centers, or for peaking power plants; but also for events and construction sites — where demand is already strong for the new 350kVA GEH2®. This range is completed by a 20′ container 280kW version specifically designed for EV charging, and a modular 10kVA “Mini” GEH2® to meet the needs of the telecoms industry and residential market.

The 2nd generation of the REXH2®, in the process of Type Approval Certification, paves the way for the development of three more powerful modules ranging from 280kW (10′ container) to 1,400kW (40′ container) with a 560kW 20′ container version in between. Designed to operate in parallel, these new REXH2® will be able to meet the needs of large vessels, in particular cargo ships such as the upcoming Energy Observer2.

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