Eni inaugurates the first hydrogen refuelling station in Venice Mestre

Toyota will be adding new hydrogen-powered cars to the Municipality’s car fleet.

Eni inaugurated the new San Giuliano Enistation in Mestre, Venice, which is the first road mobility station to open to the public in an urban area in Italy where it is also possible to refuel using hydrogen.

The system has two dispensing points with a capacity of over 100 kg/day, which can refuel vehicles in about 5 minutes and buses too. The station was fitted with innovative safety and fire-fighting equipment. It was completely rebuilt in recent months and has reopened to the public in February. It supplies traditional fuels and electrical recharging services, with one charging column supporting two stations that can simultaneously recharge a vehicle in fast and ultrafast mode.

Following the agreement signed in 2019 between the Municipality & Metropolitan City of Venice, Eni and Toyota, the car manufacturer will put a minimum of ten Toyota Mirai on the road. Three were delivered today to Mayor Luigi Brugnaro and will be used by the Municipality of Venice. Three other cars will become part of the car fleet dedicated to the KINTO car-sharing service in the city of Venice. The remainder will be delivered in the coming months.

Giuseppe Ricci, Eni Energy Evolution Chief Operating Officer, said, “We want to play a leading role and it is no coincidence that we are in places such as Veneto and Venice, creating infrastructure that responds to the demand for sustainable mobility and, more generally, an effective and practical energy transition.”

Luigi Ksawery Luca, CEO of Toyota Motor Italia, said, “This refuelling station will allow us to quickly move ahead with our plan to modernise local public transport powered by hydrogen, which we are implementing with the investments from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).”

Zohaib Ali

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