Enertrag to produce green H2 at the Osterweddingen industrial park

Germany’s ENERTRAG will produce green hydrogen starting in 2024 from its Osterweddingen industrial park using electricity from renewable sources.

The park, near Magdeburg, Germany, will be constructed under the supervision of STREICHER Anlagenbau from Gommern. STREICHER and NEUMAN & ESSER will supply compressors to store and utilize the hydrogen from the industrial park.

A total of eight diaphragm compressors (4+4, in two project phases) will compress the hydrogen for various applications. Four compressors will compress 90 kg of hydrogen per hour to 121 bar for injection into the natural gas grid and another four will compress 45 kg per hour to 501 bar for trailer filling, the companies said.

In the first stage of expansion, the companies will produce around two tons of green hydrogen per day using a 10 MW PEM electrolyzer. The electrolyzer is to be operated in a system-serving manner to compensate for fluctuations in the generation of electricity from wind and sun and thus relieve the power grid.

The green hydrogen produced will be used to decarbonize heavy industry, as a fuel for long-haul transportation, to generate electricity during a lull in solar or wind production and as feed for hydrogen pipelines. At a later date, there is the possibility of expanding the electrolysis site, the companies announced.

In addition, hydrogen will be fed into Germany’s ONTRAS’ 100% hydrogen pipelines in the medium term.

“ENERTRAG is very proud to accomplish this project, at this great location in the middle of Germany, with many possibilities of deployment, both in industry and in the mobility sector. With this reference plant, we will produce hydrogen from renewable energies on an industrial scale,” said Manuela Blaicher, head of PtX project development at ENERTRAG SE.

“This project represents for us another important milestone in the right direction of the energy transition,” said Sandra Moder, managing director of STREICHER Anlagenbau.

Engr. Haseeb Ullah

Haseeb covers the global energy market for both conventional and modern energy resources. His expertise is on the global energy supply chain from generation to distribution and end-users. He has a Master degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
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