Enapter standardises electrolyser; Cummins to supply electrolyser to FPL in Florida

The EL 4.0’s simple plug & play integration significantly shortens the installation time for these integration partners.

Enapter is launching the first standardised electrolyser suitable for mass production to boost the green hydrogen market through rapid uptake and cost reductions of standardised solar modules.

The AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0 is a one-size-fits-all solution for green hydrogen production. It is the fourth generation AEM (anion exchange membrane) Electrolyser Enapter has developed since 2017 – and the new version is smaller, lighter and ISO 22734 certifiable. Enapter’s technology combines the benefits of alkaline electrolysers’ low-cost materials (steel instead of titanium) with PEM electrolysers’ flexibility and compact size.

The standardised modules can be stacked and combined for projects of any size to the MW-scale, where Enapter’s AEM Multicore comes into play based on identical AEM stack technology.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Co-Founder and CEO of Enapter, said, “The EL 4.0 will become a building block for system integrators, letting them rapidly deploy hydrogen production and enact the market ramp-up the world needs.”

Series production of the new electrolysers is currently at Enapter’s Pisa, Italy site. First deliveries to integrators are planned for the summer. Mass prduction is scheduled to start from 2023 onwards at the Enapter Campus, which is now under construction in Saerbeck, Germany.

 Cummins to supply electrolyser to FPL in Florida

Cummins Inc. will supply a 25 MW electrolyser system for the groundbreaking Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) Cavendish NextGen Hydrogen Hub.

The FPL Cavendish NextGen Hydrogen Hub will use solar energy to power the electrolysis process that produces green hydrogen from water. This will be blended with natural gas and used to power an existing combustion turbine at the co-located FPL Okeechobee Clean Energy Center – creating cleaner energy that will help power FPL customers across the grid.

The system will be composed of five Cummins HyLYZER®-1000 PEM electrolysers for a total of 25 MW – or 10.8 tonnes/day of hydrogen produced.

Eric Silagy, FPL CEO, said, “We are helping usher in the next era of Florida’s clean energy future with a ‘green’ hydrogen pilot project that could be key to unlocking 100% carbon-free electricity.”

Amy Davis, VP at Cummins. “An electrolyser installation of this magnitude further solidifies PEM technology as a key to reaching zero emissions in energy-intensive industries.”

Ethan Mandel

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