Element Resources and the City of Lancaster partner to develop 100% Renewable Energy Center

Element Resources has secured a long-term site lease agreement in the City of Lancaster, California, to build, own, and operate a 100% zero-carbon, renewable clean energy center.

Element will build a large PV solar array to feed renewable electricity to electrolyzers for splitting water into pure hydrogen and oxygen. This non-combustion process does not rely on electricity from the power grid and will produce only Renewable, Zero-Carbon Hydrogen.

The project will enable the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars and the conversion of medium- and heavy-duty trucks and other heavy equipment currently burning diesel fuels in Los Angeles County and regionally.

The Lancaster Clean Energy Center will install the latest generation solar photovoltaic panels and alkaline electrolyzer technology in phases. The resulting renewable electricity, estimated at 1,000 GWh, will be designed to produce about 20,000 tons of clean hydrogen annually, with significant expansion capabilities.

In addition to distributing 100% clean hydrogen to existing and future regional refueling locations, Element anticipates the construction of its own hydrogen refueling station in the City to provide renewable hydrogen to public and private customers.

Element Resources‘ CEO, Steve Meheen, stated, “The opportunity with the City of Lancaster is nothing less than a World Class Green Energy Center serving the Western United States and perhaps reaching into Asian Markets as well; the welcome, cooperation, and collaboration from the City of Lancaster is outstanding. Element looks forward to completing the permitting and construction processes.”

City of Lancaster Mayor, R. Rex Parris, stated, “The City of Lancaster is excited to expand its growing renewable hydrogen production capabilities by partnering with Element Resources to develop this latest project. Renewable hydrogen will play a key role in the City’s net-zero goals. The Element Resources facility will help Lancaster lead the way for hydrogen adoption throughout Southern California.”

Lancaster City Manager Jason Caudle expressed the City’s support for Element and the company’s entry into its growing network of solar and hydrogen projects and contributions to achieve the City’s goal to be the first hydrogen city in the U.S.

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