Editorial Policy

H2 Bulletin is dedicated to upholding its editorial policy to maintain its independence, integrity, and freedom from bias during the gathering and disseminating information, news and coverage of events.

At H2 Bulletin, we aim to provide you with the most current, latest, accurate and authentic information on the hydrogen market. Our business model is founded on editorial integrity. When you read our information, you must be able to trust that all our market news, research analysis, industry reports, white papers, podcasts, or any form of our market coverage of events are impartial and based on facts, independent and responsible.

Advertising contents, guest posts and opinion writers

As a digital publishing company, we may accept advertising on our site. However, we will explicitly mention such materials. We have set rules for advertising policy (please see our advertising policy), ensuring that independent editorial contents and advertising contents are differentiated easily and transparently.

Similarly, H2 Bulletin also ensures that any guest posts, opinion articles that are written impartially. H2 Bulletin also provides a brief author bio at the end of every article so readers can clearly identify the author.

Our editorial policy ensures transparency at all the time so you can easily identify non-editorial contents on our website.


We maintain a strict policy to remain independent. H2 Bulletin prohibits its editors, writers and analysts from having any financial position in any private or public entity in the hydrogen market. We also prohibit any interest such as direct ownership, share, stocks, equity or any form of financial dealings in companies operating in the hydrogen market. However, these restrictions would not apply to guest columnists as they would be explicitly identifiable, as explained earlier.

Independent editorial board

H2 Bulletin operates an independent editorial team and has not been influenced by any private or public company.

Responsible and ethical reportingĀ 

H2 Bulletin editorial team is required to maintain high ethical standards with the news, analysis, reports, and events coverage. We believe in ethical journalism and treat sources, subjects, and public members as human beings deserving respect.

H2 Bulletin also committed to provide accurate information and correct any error as soon as it comes to our attention. This will make sure that our site displays the most accurate information.

Whenever necessary, we update an old version of the news with the latest information or update the older version of news with a hyperlink to the newest version of the story. This will ensure that our readers are aware of the latest developments of the story.

H2 Bulletin adheres to international standards and ethicsĀ for journalists.

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